Show us what you have. Show us what your club has got.

The Club Clash FS 2-Way virtual competition is for everyone, at any club in South Africa and it is all happening on 25 March.

  • What is it all about?

It is a one day, 3-round 2-way competition for teams from around the country competing at their home clubs for club victory and individual team victory. Each club will have a representative to submit your videos online to the central judges room.

  • Live streaming

The live judging will be streamed throughout the day from 10am when jumps start rolling in until victory is declared. Get it onto a big screen at the club or follow on your phone.

Got something to say? Perhaps a bit of club-spirit or smack-talk for rival clubs? Submit that to your rep during the day and we will air it over the live stream.

  • 2-ways to win

Prizes will be thrust upon the victorious club and the victorious team.

Club winner: The club with the best average across all their teams. So structure your club teams smartly to nab your club the prize.

Team winner: The team with the highest total over 3 rounds. No weighting, no mercy, the best team takes the loot.

  • All or nothing

On Saturday night, a winner will be declared over live stream, come what may. There will be tears, beers, high-fives and come-back plots, but no second chances or extensions. Revenge and come-backs will have to wait for the next one.

  • How to enter

Teams cannot have more than 1 jumper with 500 jumps.
All rounds must be done by the same 2 team members.

Email Monica for more details: or call on +27 (0)82 824 8599