COVID-19 Interim Operations For Licensed Sport Skydivers

We can’t wait to see you again. Please help us adhere to the COVID-19 protocols by following these instructions.

a. Each jumper MUST complete a jump request form with the Aero Club of SA. The form will include a COVID-19 compliance checklist. Once the form has been completed and submitted, you will receive an email notification that allows the jumps to take place within the next seven day period. Please bring this notification with you. Click here for Aero Club SA form.

b. All jumps will be arranged on a pre-manifest basis using a shared Google spreadsheet. Click here to manifest.

c. Before coming to the drop zone
• You will be required to complete a pre-screen form prior to arrival. Click here.
• If you do not feel well before coming to the drop zone, please stay at home.
• Please don’t ask friends and family to come along as no spectators are allowed on the drop zone.
• If you are over 60 years of age and have an underlying health issues, we discourage you from coming to the drop zone.

d. Arrival at the drop zone
• On arrival, hand sanitiser will be provided and your temperature taken before entering the premises. You will be asked to confirm at entrance that you have completed and submitted the pre-screen form, and that you are feeling well.
• Anyone not on a pre-manifest list will not be allowed in until they have completed and submitted pre-screening form.

e. Awaiting the parachute jump
• The manifest and video office is strictly out of bounds.
• If you need to go to manifest, maintain a safe distance from manifest window.
• Payments should be completed by EFT to minimise contact with manifest.
• Masks should be worn at the DZ at all times (according to government guidelines).
• All hard surfaces around the DZ and bathrooms will be sanitised regularly by dedicated staff during the day.

f. Procedures during parachute jumping
• Masks, a buff pulled down over the mouth and nose or full-face helmet with visor down will be compulsory in the aircraft.
• Where possible, the seat next to the pilot should be left open. Talking to the pilot is discouraged unless essential to safety.
• Load sizes will be reduced.
• The handlebar, sides of door and door handles will be cleaned prior to each load.
• Aircraft will be sanitised inside at end of each day and before start of each day.
• Nobody permitted to board without wearing a mask, a buff pulled over their mouth and nose or closed full face helmet.
• Jumpers, where possible, should minimise the touching of all hard surfaces in the aircraft.

g. After parachute jumping
• After each jump, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with water and soap as per government guidelines. Hand sanitiser will be provided close to manifest, in the bathrooms, at the canteen and various other point around the drop zone.
• For 21 days after skydiving, jumpers are expected to notify the drop zone immediately if you suspect you have contracted Covid-19, or of you are tested for Covid-19 or if you have a Covid-19 test that comes back positive.