Our trusty Cessna 182 (4 jumpers/load) will take you to 10 000ft in +-22 minutes. The Cessna is a popular single engine skydiving aircraft.

Our fast King Air twin turbine aircraft climbs to 12,000ft in around 10 minutes and can accommodate 14 jumpers per load. It feels like being in a rocket and you’ll fall in love with the sound of the engines.

Hangar & Packing Area

The Skydive Mossel Bay dropzone boasts a neat hangar (200 square meters) and lawn (200 square meters) which provide ample space to pack and get organized during jumping.

There are tables and benches outside where you can watch your friends land or have something to eat or drink while you wait.

There is a male and female bathroom and toilet in the hangar.

Landing Sites

We have a large and safe landing area (approx. 600m x 300m) on the airfield with plenty of zap area and hardly any obstacles. There is also a large separate designated student landing area.

On a nice day you can elect to land on the beach at Diaz Beach in Mossel Bay, about 10 minutes away from the dropzone.

Qualified experienced jumpers are permitted to land at the beach close by, by prior arrangement and with approval from an instructor.

Canteen, Restaurant & Bar facilities

A neat clubhouse with excellent restaurant facilities and a fully stocked bar provides ample opportunity to relax in between jumping. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and it is open until 5pm.

Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is an ideal adventure holiday destination with a wide variety of accommodation and activities. There is so much to do like game drives, shark cage diving, sand boarding on the dunes, snorkelling, boat rides, whale watching and more.

You can visit The Pinnacle Point Caves where you can join a Human Origins Tour and see where the earliest evidence of modern human behaviour was revealed. You can also visit the Old Post Office Tree which is a very big, old milkwood tree at the Dias Museum complex.

Mossel Bay has 4 Blue Flag beaches and beach-going weather throughout the year. The water is clean and clear and from under the parachute, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot whales, sharks and seals.