Skydive Mossel Bay Pricelist

South Africa Skydiving Prices

Tandem Skydiving Prices

Tandem Base Price & Description
Tandem skydive from 10,000ft R3024 per person
No video/photos
Tandem skydive from 14,000ft - Only available with King Air Flights R4715 per person
No video/photos
Handy-cam video and photos R974 per person
Includes an edited video & photos, emailed to you via a Dropbox link.
Gold Video package R1897 per person
Includes the handy-cam video & photos PLUS an experienced outside camera man follows you out the plane taking footage from a different perspective.
Tandem Add-ons
Beach landing R615 per person
Weather dependent
Extreme Ride R513 per person
Spins and a roller-coaster style canopy flight.
Reed Valley Wine Tasting & Lunch R820 per person
Land at Reed Valley Vineyard for a wine tasting & lunch

Your video will be uploaded to Dropbox. We will send you a link via email within 5 days of your skydive. Click on the link and download your video and photos to a computer as soon as possible. After 1 week, your link will be removed from our Dropbox account.

You can elect to pay cash on arrival at a slightly discounted rate.

Prices are the same for adults and children.

There is a weight restriction of 100kgs for men and 90kgs for women. We will also take the Body Mass Index into consideration. If a tandem passenger is slightly over 100kgs, the tandem instructor MAY agree to skydive and an additional charge of R50 per kilogram over 100kgs is applicable. For more information, please review our tandem skydiving FAQs.


Skydiving Training Courses and Certification Pricing

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Prices

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course Schedule with Prices 11,000 feet14,000 feet
Jump 1
AFF Jump, Ground School course cost included
R3900 R4200
Jump 2 & 3
All AFF jumps include: jumpsuit, goggles, altimeter & student parachute.
R2500 / JumpR2800 / Jump
Packing course R250R250
Jumps 4-7 R1500 / JumpR1700 / Jump
Jumps 8-10 R750 / JumpR850 / Jump
Total - AFF Progression R17400R19400
AFF Continuation for A License11,000 feet14,000 feet
Intermediate Skills: Jumps 11-17
All intermediate skill jumps include: jumpsuit, goggles, altimeter & student parachute.
R950 / JumpR1150 / Jump
Fun/Sport Jumps: Jumps 18-25
Fun/Sport jumps to make up the 25 required jumps for A license are exclusive of gear rental.
R300 / Jump R400 / Jump
A-License Written Test

Total Cost to A License & Cat 1 Status



Experienced Skydiver Pricing

Experienced skydivers with own equipment Once off
Weekend fee – visiting jumpers R50
PASA 3 month temporary membership – (Overseas affiliated jumpers only) R250
Per jump
Equipment hire per jump including pack job- visiting jumpers R270
Experienced skydivers : 3500 ft R200
Experienced skydivers : 5000 ft R240
Experienced skydivers : 7000 ft R270
Experienced skydivers : 9500 ft R300
Experienced skydivers : 14 000 ft R400