Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Skydiving: Course Details, Prices & More

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in the sport of skydiving, look no further. The most fun, most efficient way to learn how to skydive is through the curriculum known as Accelerated Freefall (abbreviated “AFF”). AFF is the quickest, most modern route to becoming a safe, competent, independent solo skydiver. This method of skydiving certification meets all the requirements to certify you to jump without an instructor in Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Johannesburg, or any other skydiving dropzone, so you can take this adventure around the world. We’ve compiled some of the most popular questions we get about AFF, along with the answers below so you know exactly what’s involved and how to get started.

1. How long does an AFF course take?

The AFF curriculum is composed of ten unique levels, each building on the skills of the previous. The first step is to attend a comprehensive ground school where you’ll receive training from our highly-qualified skydiving instructors. After the course, you’ll start at jump 1 (level 1) and exit our aircraft at 10,000-12,000 feet, along with two AFF instructors who will be there to assist you during freefall. The instructors maintain grips on you from the moment you exit the aircraft until your parachute opens.

2. How many jumps before you can skydive alone?

Levels 1, 2 and 3, you’ll jump with two instructors, teaming up to hold you stable in the air, but they won’t be attached to you like a tandem skydive. These dives concentrate on teaching basic safety skills such as altitude awareness, body position, and stability during freefall and the pull sequence and most importantly, successful ripcord pull. Levels 4 -7 will introduce you to new skills such as turns and forward movement. Levels 8-10 are when you’ll finally start jumping solo with specific exercises to complete. This will get you skydiving solo quicker than a Static Line course.

3. How much does an AFF skydiving course cost and what’s included?

Our price to learn how to skydive near Cape Town, South Africa is commensurate with programs all over the world. Each unique level has its own cost, which you can find on our pricing page or by contacting us. Pricing for each jump includes the following:
  • A comprehensive pre-jump briefing to prepare you for the skydive
  • The skydive itself, including all of its requirements (including equipment hire and instructors)
  • Parachute packing after the jump
  • A thorough debrief of your jump, with video

4. What happens after an AFF course?

After graduating Level 10, you’ll enter a less-structured educational program called the Intermediate Skills Programme (ISPs), where you will jump with coaches to improve your skills and learn more advanced maneuvers. Once you reach 25 jumps, you are ready for your A license. Once you have your A license, you are free to jump however you choose, within the dictates of good judgment and the guidelines of PASA’s Manual of Procedures (MOP’s).

5. What will I need for an AFF course?

Your training, jump, and gear are all included in the price of each jump. Each AFF level is designed to take one jump and requires about 45 minutes of training. After successfully performing the objectives of each level, you’ll move on to the next level. All you really need to do is come prepared for an adventure you’ll never forget!

6) How do I sign up for an AFF course?

While your friends are tandem skydiving, you’ll be sauntering around with your very own parachute. We encourage you to visit our gorgeous Garden Route dropzone outside of Cape Town and meet the top-notch instructor staff waiting to take you under their wings. Make your reservation today!