Diaz Beach Boogie 2018, 15th to 31st December

Forget about snow angels this December and come built sand castles in Mossel Bay. Skydive Mossel Bay will be hosting one of our favorite Skydiving Boogies, the Diaz Beach Boogie, from the 15th – 31st December. We invite you to come enjoy the sunny Garden Route coastline from above and our lovely beaches below.
Our King Air will take you up to 14, 000 feet in 10 minutes and you can choose to land on one or all of the 4 beautiful beaches – Diaz Beach, Santos Beach, Wilderness Beach and Great Brak Beach. Our crew will be with you every “foot” of the way, offering coaching in various disciplines as well as local and international load organizers.

This Boogie is packed with good vibes and a long list of social events like live bands, visiting local restaurants, drinking South African wine and craft beers, a DZ shuffle and braais. Last year our sponsored prizes included a Cookie helmet, a Cypres, discounts at Chuting Star and free skydives!

Here’s what skydivers had to say about the Diaz Beach Boogie 2017:
“This place rocks, get your ass over here and jump” Anton from Australia.
“Great vibe, well organized, great operation and good view” Rein from South Africa.
“What a freakin hidden gem of a DZ. A well oiled machine” Luke from South Africa.

This Boogie will also be one for the books as we will try break the South African Speed Star record. Check out just how much you can do while in Mossel Bay for the sad sky days! So you have no excuse but to pack your bags, passports and come play. Contact the manifest office for details about packages: info@skydivemosselbay.com.