First Skydive? 4 Reasons to Choose Skydive Mossel Bay

If you’re looking for a great South African skydiving adventure near Cape Town, we invite you to consider Skydive Mossel Bay. Our brand of skydiving is unique when compared to nearly every skydiving experience in the entire world. We have something special here and we’d love to share it with you!
Here are four distinct reasons why you should consider skydiving with us!

Our Location and View (It’s Stunning)

There are few places in South Africa the world that offer views quite like ours. To begin with, we are located at the beginning of the famous Garden Route outside of Cape Town, which, if you’re unfamiliar, has ecologically diverse vegetation and animals found along the coast and estuaries extending to Storms River. While being ecologically alive with four of the Big Five game animals and over 300 bird species, this Garden of Eden is where we call home and where we make our skydives!

The views of this paradise are stunning when seen from 10,000+ feet above! In free fall, our guests enjoy 360° views that capture the Outeniqua mountains, the marvelous Indian Ocean, and miles of the beautiful coastline between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth – beginning with Diaz Beach (where you can perform a beach landing!). This view will forever be embedded in your mind as seeing the beauty of the landscape without the impediment of a glass window between you and the elements is truly unforgettable.

Our Weather – Second Only to Hawaii!

A challenge for any outdoor adventure company is the uncontrollable variable of weather, and as it turns out, we’re blessed with that as well! Skydive Mossel Bay enjoys an oceanic climate allowing our location to have the mildest weather pattern in all of South Africa and the second mildest climate in the world, just behind the Hawaiian Islands!

We’ve got the views and we’ve got the weather… can it get better? It does.

We Are Passionate People

Drop Zone owner, Henk Van Wyk, has traveled the world to skydive and has seen first hand the ingredients of what makes a great skydiving center. Henk identified the best traits of every place visited, took mental notes of his likes and dislikes, and built a skydiving center that’s arguably one of the best in the world. Most importantly, Henk recognized the key element for building a great business – passionate people.
Attitude is everything and Henk has hired his team with this in mind – it’s not just about what you know as a skydiving instructor, but also who you are! When visiting Skydive Mossel Bay you will feel welcomed and quickly absorb the positive energy exuding from the staff and from those who have just completed their first tandem skydives as they giddily walk in from the landing area high on adrenaline and a story to tell!

We Recognize What It’s All About

While Skydive Mossel Bay skydives nearly every day of the week, we’ve not lost sight of what this is all about. A person’s first skydive will rank as one of the top things they will do in their lives and we want to foster that experience by creating an environment for our guests that allows them to feel confident, safe, and prepared. Our goal is to ensure our guests have nothing to worry about beyond stepping out of the aircraft and into the atmosphere! Check out what our awesome skydiving clients have to say.
If you daydream of making a skydive while taking in one of the most stunning views in the world, under the care of people that love what they do… this is the place for you! Come see what puts Mossel Bay and Garden Route adventures on the map. We welcome you to Skydive Mossel Bay and to our family!