Go on be a sport

When one thinks about sport you think of rugby, cricket or soccer…how banal. Think more adventurous. Skydiving has been around as a sport since the mid-fifties using static line training to teach people to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft!
Joining a skydiving course is the first step to becoming a professional skydiver. You can choose between Accelerated Freefall (AFF) or Static Line. The static line course consists of ground school, where you learn about the equipment, how to use and land a parachute safely. After ground school you get to do your first jump by yourself.
Skydiving, like any other sport, involves physical exertion and skill. Many skydivers jump for fun but you can also form teams and take part in competitions nationally or internationally. Skydiving will teach you strong life skills and you are guaranteed to make lifelong friends, and as a bonus you will get the opportunity to travel the globe with them.
Skydive Mossel Bay can help students progress to becoming professional sports jumpers as well as offer career opportunities. A career in skydiving offers lucrative options like becoming a tandem instructor, AFF or static line instructor, a parachute rigger, camera man (or woman) and even office work.
Skydiving is a professional and challenging international sport, offering a variety of disciplines. You can choose from formation skydiving (flying on your belly relative to other skydivers in your team), sit flying, head-down, canopy piloting, wingsuit pilot, parachute swooping, demonstration jumps and accuracy.

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