How to make the most of your skydiving video

You might find this surprising but the best person to make your video awesome on a skydive is YOU. Our Tandem instructors have perfected the flying and filming techniques, but the video can still turnout to be boring if you don’t take full advantage of the GoPro 11 camera pointed at you.


Here are our top tips to look good in your skydiving video:


1. Play with the camera.
Don’t fixate on the camera, but rather have a glance at it a few times. Make sure you remember to smile, scream, or even laugh, but don’t forget to look around too! Whatever you do, do NOT close your eyes! Keeping your head up and eyes open will ensure we get some great shots of your face. Afterall, you want to show off this video, right?


2. You can strike a pose.
Give us a thumbs up, a shake, sign a heart, or you could even write message on the palms of your hands for all your viewers to see. This can be anything from “Sorry Mom” to “Marry Me”, whatever it says it makes for excellent Instagram reels. Just remember not to cover that beautiful face with any of your hand gestures. Your funny and thrilled facial expressions should take centre stage.


3. Fake it.
Let’s face it, floppy face, blown up lips and rippled skin are not the most flattering, so crack a massive smile. This will help tighten your face muscles and make you look like you are confidently rocking this bucket list moment in your life.

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Skydiving Mosselbay
Skydiving Mosselbay
Skydiving Mosselbay
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