Is There a Weight Limit For Skydiving?

It’s time that we talk about something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable but is the center of a lot of questions about skydiving: bodyweight.

At Skydive Mossel Bay, we have strict limitations on the weight allowed for a tandem skydive. This might seem harsh, but this requirement is not out of any kind of prejudice or bias. Our first priority is the safety of our students and instructors. An important part of that is making sure that the equipment guidelines are followed.

What Is The Skydiving Weight Limit?

The standard weight limit for a tandem jumper at Skydive Mossel Bay is 100 kgs (or 220lbs). There are elements that might affect the weight of a jump and could affect who we take on as a student, but no matter what, safety is our top priority.

Most parachute and harness systems for tandem skydiving are capable of handling about 226kgs (or 500lbs). When tandem skydiving, there are two people taking the jump along with the weight of the gear, which is about 28kgs (or 60lbs). Possible changes to the skydiving weight limit are based on the instructor’s own weight with the combined weight of the student and the gear.

But what factors could change the skydiving weight limit and why is there one to begin with?

Weight Requirements For Tandem Skydiving Safety

Skydiving, especially out over our gorgeous beaches, is an exhilarating experience that pumps adrenaline through your body from the moment you step on the plane to ascend for your jump. Despite this adrenaline rush, when done right and with a capable instructor, skydiving can be an incredibly safe experience.
In order to ensure safety for both individuals in a tandem jump, equipment capabilities must be established by the manufacturer. The weight requirements and limitations for the parachute systems are how the skydiving weight limit is determined by the manufacturer and we must adhere strictly to them.

If you want to learn more about parachutes and how they work, an article by the Wisconson Skydiving Center offers great details about different elements of parachutes and how they work and affect your jump.

Is It Possible To Skydive Over The Weight Limit?

If a potential tandem student is over the standard maximum weight limit of 100kgs (220lbs), but other elements that might weigh the jump are lower than what the system is capable of handling, the instructor may accept the dive, but it is entirely up to their discretion. After being accepted over the standard weight limit, an additional fee of R50 per kilogram will be applied to the price of your dive.

We want the best experience for anyone that wants to take a tandem skydive, whether they’re plus size or heavily muscled. Plan for your first tandem dive with us to make sure that you’re ready to have the best experience possible. If you have any concerns or questions about the skydiving weight limit, you can reach out to us at