Mossel Bay Sport & Recreation Festival

We are very excited to be a part of the Mossel Bay Sport & Recreation Festival this year from the 15th September to the 14th October 2018. This year it will be the 7th consecutive year that this festival takes place with over 40 different sport codes registered. For the first time, skydiving is part of the festival this year.
Skydive Mossel Bay welcomes members of the public to come to our two fun skydiving days planned for the festival on Saturday 29th September and Sunday 30th September 2018.
On Saturday 29th September, we invite you to attend an open day at our hangar at the Mossel Bay airfield in Aalwyndal, 5 minutes from the Langeberg Mall. There will be three tours at 10am, 12pm and 3pm. We will introduce you to the exciting world of skydiving showing you a video of the different disciplines, a tour of our facility and what goes on behind the scenes and an up-close look at our aircraft. You are encouraged to talk to our instructors and crew and to stay for a while to watch the skydivers land. Henk van Wyk, chairman of the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) will be joining us to answer your questions about careers in the sport of skydiving. You can phone us on 082 824 8599 to book a tour or email
On Sunday the 30th September 2018 there will be a parachute accuracy competition at Diaz beach when skydivers will test their canopy piloting skills to land on or as close as possible to the mark. So come join us on the beach and if you are ready for an adrenaline adventure, you can take a leap of faith and book a tandem skydive and choose the beach landing option. See you at the sports festival.