South Africa’s Best Dropzone For Experienced Skydivers: Skydive Mossel Bay

Nowadays you can find skydiving operations all over the world, but there are few countries that compete with what South Africa can offer skydivers – whether you are a first-timer, a brand new AFF or static line student, or indeed an experienced skydiver already. Let’s have a look at what makes Skydive Mossel Bay the best of the bunch…

The Best Skydiving Aircraft in South Africa

Here at Skydive Mossel Bay, we operate a Beechcraft King Air – a twin-turbine powered rocket ship of an aircraft that will deliver fourteen skydivers up to 14,000ft in a mere handful of minutes. Skydive Mossel Bay is the only dropzone in South Africa that can offer this speed, capacity, and altitude. We also use our multiple Cessna 182 aircraft when a smaller capacity is required, granting us the flexibility to run an efficient skydiving operation. No matter what you are trying to achieve in the sky, we have the planes to get it done.
Photo by Naomi Kotzee, professional skydiver and instructor at Skydive Mossel Bay

Stunningly Beautiful Coastal Location

The town of Mossel Bay is a key destination along the Garden Route – the most essential journey along the coast of the Western Cape – for both tourists and locals alike. Our dropzone is right on the coast, granting spectacular views out over the ocean. We also like to land on the beach, which can be done as a tandem jump experience or anytime a planeload of professionals want a scenic landing. When you are done with jumping for the day, Mossel Bay has many great bars and restaurants in which to soak up the great atmosphere of the town. There is nothing like landing down on one of our regular beach spots and sauntering into a restaurant from which everyone has just watched you land.

Instructor Experience & Professionalism

Our staff is a highly experienced bunch that offers a wide variety of experience and skill to share with our customers and regulars. From AFF training, static line courses, setting new skydivers on the path, rigging services, and equipment connections, to Big-Way, Freefly, and Canopy coaching, we have got you covered. We are open every jumpable day, and our staff and coaches are always on hand to pass on their skills. If you have a particular goal in mind, give us a call and we will fix you up with exactly the right guidance.


There are many reasons to visit South Africa from overseas and we cater to organised groups of skydivers from many countries throughout the year. The relative affordability of South Africa for visitors means your money goes a little bit further and allows for more skydiving. When you combine this with the beauty of South Africa and the facilities we offer to skydivers, it adds up to an irresistible package. Over recent years we have hosted groups from as far afield as the UK, Germany, India, and Australia. An extra bonus of traveling to South Africa from Europe is that there is no jet lag to deal with! That’s a great reason to make a trip in this direction. Of course, Mossel Bay is also a wonderful road trip or weekend getaway from Cape Town, Johannesburg, or anywhere else in South Africa.
When it comes to skydiving for experienced skydivers in South Africa, there is no better choice than Skydive Mossel Bay. If you are in South Africa and thinking ‘Where is the best place to go skydiving near me?’ The answer is definitely with us as we offer a combination of qualities that can only be found here. Even if you are further away, a skydiving adventure in South Africa is an excellent thing to put at the top of your list. Whatever your experience level and wherever you are from, we look forward to seeing you and having you jump with us!