The Best Place to Skydive in South Africa (Photos & Reviews)

If you’ve Googled, “best place to skydive in South Africa” or “skydiving near Cape Town”, and have landed here, we think you’ve come to the right place. Humbly stated, we think we offer one of the best and most unique skydiving experiences in South Africa and in the world. Here are seven reasons why.

7 Reasons Why Skydive Mossel Bay is the Best Destination for Skydiving in South Africa

1. Hospitality

At Skydive Mossel Bay, we are passionate about skydiving and sharing it with our guests. We believe that a great skydiving experience beyond simply exiting a plane, free-falling, and landing. A great experience includes being treated with respect and being well looked after. We feel that we have the privilege to give our guests a great day – a day they’ll never forget. How many occupations get to do that? With that perspective, we wish for you to be amazed and that begins the moment you walk through our doors. We love what we do and it’s our goal to exceed the expectations of all who visit here!

2. Our Extraordinary View

If you could imagine the most perfect skydiving experience what would it look like? For many, it’s LOVING the sensation of free fall and taking in one of the most spectacular views on the planet (photo gallery). That idyllic vision is what we have here at Skydive Mossel Bay. As you exit our aircraft, your backdrop is the mighty Indian Ocean on one side, the Outeniqua mountains on the other side, the golden sands of Diaz Beach below, and hundreds of miles of coastline stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Add the opportunity of seeing whales and sharks as you soar above under parachute… well, you’ve got the most perfect skydiving experience…

3. Skydiving Aircraft – The Fastest in South Africa!

If you don’t know much about skydiving then the type of aircraft you leap from may not seem important to you, but it’s a hugely important component of skydiving! As any licensed skydiver will tell you, exit altitude, speed, and spaciousness matter!
Jumping from a high altitude is great, but if it takes ages to get there, then that diminishes the fun! One of the aircraft in Skydive Mossel Bay’s fleet is the Porsche of skydiving aircraft – the speedy, multi-engine, Beechcraft King-Air. This altitude-hungry rocketship climbs at a terrific rate of speed getting our skydiving groups to altitude in under ten minutes flat! Before you can get too nervous and back out, it’s time to jump!

4. Best Group Skydiving in South Africa

If you have a group wishing to skydive, then our trusty King Air should be tops on your list! Many skydiving centers fly the Cessna 182 aircraft – it’s an exceptional aircraft (we own one in our fleet), but it has limitations especially when it comes to accommodating groups. The Cessna 182 can only accommodate 4 passengers (two tandem pairs) which means that it can take several hours for all members of a group to complete their skydiving experience. Our King Air comfortably transports 12 people (six tandem pairs) to 14,000 feet with ease meaning you can spend more time at the beach instead of the entire day waiting for your turn to jump!
Skydive Mossel Bay specializes in group skydiving and routinely hosts guests from as close as Cape Town, and as far as Johannesburg. We routinely host international guests from Egypt, India, Europe, and the USA!

5. Skydiving Altitude – Highest in South Africa!

One of the most unique facets of Skydive Mossel Bay is the altitude we exit from. In skydiving, the higher the altitude the better, because more altitude equates to more free-fall time, and more free fall time equates to more fun! If you were to plan the perfect skydiving experience, then the exit altitude should be a factor! We are proud to say that Skydive Mossel Bay is the only skydiving center near Cape Town and the Garden Route that flies to 14,000 feet. This is a rarity in South Africa and an added bonus for all of our guests seeking the best possible skydiving experience.

6. Good Skydiving Weather

Have you ever made a skydive in the rain? It’s not recommended because it hurts! Here at Skydive Mossel Bay, we’re fortunate to have a more consistent and favorable weather pattern (read: beautiful) than the Cape Town region. If you’re visiting and only have a finite window of time at various destinations within the country, then be sure to factor the weather when determining where to skydive in South Africa. We’re pleased to say that when it comes to blue skies, we have that in abundance!

7. Our Location (is Gorgeous)

If you’re planning to travel on the Garden Route then begin your journey here! Mossel Bay is the start of this extraordinary coastal drive to Port Elizabeth. Skydive Mossel Bay is located just four hours from Cape Town.

If you’re thinking about skydiving in South Africa, we invite you to join our skydiving family and allow us to share our passion for the sport in one of the most beautiful locations in the world! Click here, to begin the process!