The Best Skydiving Plane For Tandems, Groups and Altitude

What kind of planes are used for skydiving? The answer is many and varied, but here at Skydive Mossel Bay, we have one of the very best – The Beechcraft King Air! We have invested significantly in our aircraft as we understand that, while the bit when you are outside the plane is the most exhilarating, making every part of the process enjoyable is what makes Skydive Mossel Bay the best dropzone in the world.
The type of skydiving aircraft used is important in a selection of ways. We’ve given some detail on why the King Air is the plane that provides the best skydiving experience:

It Is BIG (Go Skydiving With More Friends!)

The King Air is a large skydiving aircraft, capable of carrying fourteen people to altitude. This allows us to accommodate groups of almost any size to go through the tandem skydiving process together. While the jump itself happens separately with tandems exiting a few seconds apart, everything else, including the plane ride, can be done together. This allows you to enjoy this awesome experience from start to finish as a family or group of friends!

It Is Fast (Get To The Jump Quickly!)

The aeroplane ride is definitely an exciting part of the skydiving process, but what you really want is to get out of it at the top. Taking off and flying in the King Air feels how you want a plane ride to feel – swift and powerful. Exiting the plane is for many people the best part, and the sensation of leaping out through the door of a fast plane like the King Air into the wind is exhilarating.

It Is Comfortable (Nice, Roomy Ride To The Top!)

Getting to skydive from any plane is great, but with smaller aircraft, the process can be more tricky as you have to awkwardly shuffle about to fold and cram all the bodies into what appears to be a Volkswagen Beetle with wings – then perform the same thing in reverse to get out into the sky. The King Air has long benches to sit on and a nice big door so you can truly enjoy the flight up to the top and then relish the moment you jump out without worrying at all about which hand and which foot goes where. It’s way more roomy and comfortable than a Cessna. You get to properly fling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane and into the most awesome thing ever.

It Goes Higher (More Time In Freefall!)

Freefall time is very important. Less powerful aircraft will often only offer 10,000ft (and take ages to get there) which gives you 30-35 seconds in freefall. Our King Air easily powers it’s way up to 14,000ft which means you get approximately a full minute of zooming back to earth. You will definitely notice the difference, as the higher you go the better the view – and more time to savour the sensation of freefall is something you will truly understand the second you leave the plane. Check out our skydiving prices for more details on jumping from different elevations.

It Looks Cool (For The Photos!)

This is crucial, right? Other, smaller planes are fun to jump out of, but the King Air looks like you think an awesome aeroplane for skydiving should look – all sleek and pointy. If you were to ask a small child to design what they think the best plane for throwing yourself out of should be, this is it. Getting photos and video of your skydiving experience is one of the best parts of the process, and you should have the coolest plane to show off about.

What is the best skydiving plane for tandems, groups and altitude?

The King Air is not only the best skydiving plane in South Africa, but is considered one of the finest skydiving planes in the world. We are super happy to have this amazing flying machine here at Skydive Mossel Bay so that we can share our passion for skydiving with as many people as we can in the best way possible. The choice is easy – the King Air is just another reason why Skydive Mossel Bay offers the best skydiving in the Western Cape and all of South Africa.

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