The Highest Tandem Skydive in Africa is only in Mossel Bay

The highest tandem skydive in Africa is only in Mossel Bay. Why settle for lower when you can go HIGHER!

Skydive Mossel Bay offers the highest tandem skydive in Africa, from 14,000 feet. That’s 4.3 kms up! The standard tandem skydive in South Africa is between 9,000 and 10,000 feet, giving you about 35 seconds freefall. From 14,000 feet you’ll freefall for 55 seconds, almost a full minute, at speeds of up to 220kms/h. A dream come true for all speed freaks.
Our twin turbine aircraft, the King Air B90, offers you the special opportunity to skydive from 14,000 feet and really savour the experience. You can take in the beautiful views (before flying under a parachute for a few more minutes from about 5000ft) of our stunning coastline and Outeniqua mountains.
The King Air is a fast, large skydiving aircraft that can carry seven tandem pairs per flight and complete three flights per hour. That means 18 people get to skydive in an hour. Now that’s fast! This allows you to enjoy this awesome experience from start to finish as a family or group of friends!
Call us today 082 824 8599 and book your slot to 14,000 feet before 12th June before our King Air goes into hibernation for the winter.