Top 10 Skydiving FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Ever wondered how high tandem skydivers go, how long it takes to reach the ground, or what to wear on a first-time skydive? We answer all your questions here.

How High Will I Jump From When Skydiving?

The altitude you jump from depends on the drop zone where you choose to make your jump and the airplane they use.

Here at Skydive Mossel Bay, our standard jump is made from 10,000 feet, but you could upgrade up to 14,000 feet with a group of 5 or more (check out #5 on our blog post, “The Best Place to Skydive in South Africa”)!

How Long Does Skydiving Freefall Last?

The amount of time you spend in freefall is dictated by the altitude from which you jump and, to an extent, your weight and surface area.
Typically, freefall lasts around 60 seconds. You then spend around 5-7 minutes under your parachute traveling back down to earth.

Should I Eat Before My Skydive?

Yes, absolutely! Skydiving is exciting and can be a little nerve-wracking. No matter how excited or nervous you’re feeling, you should try to have something to eat.
When you jump, you’ll experience an adrenaline rush and eating helps to keep your energy levels up when the adrenaline wears off. It also means you’ll be much more alert before and during your jump.

What Should I Wear For My First Skydive?

You should wear something comfortable for your skydive. We usually advise people to wear pants and tennis shoes. Basically, anything you’d feel comfortable going for a brisk walk in. We can provide jumpsuits if you’d like an extra layer on the day too.
For more information, check out our detailed blog post about what to wear while skydiving.

Can Someone Under the Age of 18 Do a Tandem Skydive?

Yes! As there is not a specific age restriction, there is a height and weight restriction. Children must weigh 40kg or more and be a minimum of 135cm to properly fit in the harness. If you have any questions or concerns, please call ahead to talk with one of our team.

Can I Bring a GoPro With Me On a Skydive?

We’re afraid not. For safety reasons, the Basic Safety Requirements of the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) stipulate that only a Category II trained skydiver is permitted to carry a camera on a skydive. Only appropriately trained skydivers, like the Tandem Instructor, will be permitted to take a camera on the skydive. However, there is still an option to purchase a photo/video package if you would like to have your jump recorded.

How Long Will I Need To Be At The Skydiving Center?

You should plan to be at the skydiving center for around 2-3 hours on a typical day, though it may be less or more depending on weather and other circumstances.

During this time, you’ll receive a full tandem skydiving brief to prepare you for the jump, and be provided with the equipment you need. We jump people in the order they arrive at the drop zone. We may occasionally be slowed down by adverse weather conditions, in which case, we’ll keep you informed.

Can I Bring Alcohol With Me When Going Skydiving?

No. Alcohol is not permitted.

Can Friends and Family Come To Watch My First Skydive?

Yes, absolutely! Friends and family are more than welcome. They can watch you head off to make your skydive and come into land from our spectator area, which looks out onto the landing area.

Can One Videographer Capture Both Persons On a Tandem Skydive Jump?

Here at Skydive Mossel Bay, we use handcams, which means the cameras used to film your skydive are attached to your instructor’s hand. These are wide-angle cameras that get an excellent view of you, your instructor and your surroundings.
With our Gold Video Package, the instructor wears a handcam and also includes an outside camera flyer to film your skydive. Because of safety and body flight logistics, the camera flyer will solely be focused on you in freefall and cannot film another passenger.

If you have any questions about skydiving that we haven’t answered here, such as pricing and what is included, check out our blog, our tandem skydiving page with a detailed Skydiving FAQ, or call to speak with a member of our team and we’ll be glad to help.

If you’re ready to roll, book a skydive with us today!