Top 6 Reasons To Choose Skydiving as Your South African Extreme Adventure

Photo by Naomi Kotzee, professional skydiver and instructor at Skydive Mossel Bay.
Everybody should experience jumping out of an aeroplane at least once. Skydiving is a thrill unlike any other, and South Africa is the perfect place for it. With spectacular views and beautiful conditions, you should definitely make Skydive Mossel Bay your choice when looking for somewhere to go skydiving near Cape Town. Here’s why…

1. Skydiving is the best stop on a Garden Route adventure

When choosing somewhere close to Cape Town to go skydiving you should look no further than Mossel Bay, located to the east of Cape Town along South Africa’s world-famous Garden Route. The N2 zooms across the beautiful South African countryside where you can spot wildlife such as ostriches and baboons, pull over for a glorious breakfast at the frequent farm stalls – or even make a quick detour to explore the very Southernmost point of the African continent.

2. We have the most awesome skydiving airplane in the Western Cape

Skydive Mossel Bay is the only turbine skydiving operation on the Western Cape. What the heck does that mean? Two words: fast and luxurious. We fly a Beechcraft King Air, which can convey fourteen people smoothly and comfortably to an altitude of 14,000ft. This potentially allows you to jump with all of your friends from the same aircraft load – an experience that’s super-uncommon in South African skydiving, and absolutely not to be missed.

Fun fact: Skydive Mossel Bay is the only skydiving operation around Cape Town with an aircraft that is capable of this amazing, vacation-elevating feat.

3. Three words: amazing video evidence

What’s even more important than quickness and luxury? Photo and video evidence of your adventure, of course! Skydive Mossel Bay is able to offer a full third-eye (known as ‘outside’ in the biz) camera service to record your skydive for a great price. That means that you won’t be grinning into thin air on your skydive: a fully-trained and highly skilled skydiver can accompany you in the air to capture full-quality images and video from various angles around you (and up close next to your hugely smiling face!)

4. Scheduling flexibility? We’ve got that too

Skydive Mossel Bay is the only skydiving dropzone on the Western Cape that’s open every single day. This means Skydive Mossel Bay is able to offer full flexibility to cater to the particular needs of your group’s itinerary (which is something you’re going to notice when you’re booking a whirlwind tour of Garden Route stops and Cape Town outdoor activities). Another key fact you need to know: Throwing yourself out of an aeroplane is very weather-dependent, and with daily hours of operation Skydive Mossel bay can offer the highest possible chances of jumping exactly on your own terms.

5. It’s all about the altitude, and we have plenty

With the only turbine-powered aircraft for skydiving near Cape Town, Skydive Mossel Bay can offer you something more precious than gold: which is, of course, more altitude. Jumping from a whopping height of 14,000ft means 50 seconds of freefall time in which to enjoy and savour the sensation of terminal velocity. A jump from 14,000 feet is the thrill of a lifetime, and you’re gonna treasure the decision to head for Skydive Mossel Bay for your Cape Town skydiving adventure.

6. Hooked? Keep going!

Skydiving is addictive! After you jump, you’ll very likely wish to go again – or to dive into the sport of skydiving and pursue a license of your own. If you find yourself looking for a location to further your skills in skydiving close to Cape Town, Skydive Mossel Bay can hook you right up. We’re where you’ll go not only to learn how to skydive in South Africa, but to be generally involved in the Cape Town skydiving scene. We are, basically, where it’s at.

So what are you waiting for? Skydive Mossel Bay is uniquely positioned to offer you an absolutely amazing skydiving experience near Cape Town. Skydive Mossel Bay is equal to any other premium skydiving operation in the world. Combine that with the beauty and adventure of the Garden Route and the only choice you have to make is super-simple: when you’ll visit us for your skydive!