Will Smith skydiving experience, a brilliant narrative of how the actor got to jump.

You might have been here before. An outrageous evening and then an outrageous bet… Let us go skydiving tomorrow! And everybody high-fives and toasts with another shooter and then…. your mate wakes you and says, come-on, we are going to be late! Suddenly you are faced with the reality – You signed up to jump out an aircraft from a dizzy height. Whatever it was that got you into doing your first skydive, there is no doubt that you would have felt some measure of apprehension before the time, ranging between mildly nervous to beyond terrified.
In this video clip, famous actor Will Smith describes his experience leading up to a tandem skydive he did recently. He then narrates the sudden transformation we all experience from that terrifying moment we leave the aircraft to the blissful feeling of flying our bodies in thin air.
You realize the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear.
The best things in life awaits on the other side of fear.