Did you start skydiving because you wanted to try Wing Suit flying?

There are many skydivers that are starting skydiving with the goal of flying a Wingsuit one day, especially with all the media and YouTube footage available of Wingsuit proximity BASE jumping. In order to progress to that eventually, one needs to be skilled and trained in the art of skydiving first. In order to start Wingsuit flying, you must have 500 skydives or have done 200 skydives within a time period of 18 months and a First Flight Course (by a PASA Wingsuit Coach), in order to be able to do your first Wingsuit flight in South Africa.

Wingsuit flying from an aircraft requires the correct training from a Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) rated Wing Suit coach, experience, and the right equipment.
Once you have qualified and been signed off by your PASA Wingsuit Coach, you can then work towards improving your abilities in performance flying, (speed time aloft and distance traveled), or dynamic flying (Acrobatics) even participate in “big-way” Wingsuit formations.
Wingsuit flying was accepted as a new discipline by the IPC in 2016 and this means that you can compete in the discipline of wingsuit flying. The competition has two formats, performance flying (Speed, Distance, and Time) and Acrobatics formation flying. This means that South African Wingsuiters can compete against each other and the best Wingsuit pilots will be awarded Nationals medals, prizes, a trophy, and the chance to represent South Africa at international competitions.
Oliver Nöthen, who is a Wingsuit Committee member of the Sport Skydivers Association (SSA) in South Africa and PASA, NextLevel and Squirrel rated wingsuit coach and Evaluator, will be giving a Wing Suit Course at Skydive Mossel Bay on the 14th April 2017 at the Easter Boogie for those who meet the minimum requirements.

You can contact Skydive Mossel Bay for further inquiries by emailing info@skydivemosselbay.com

“Time to grow some Wings!”