How to Get Your Skydiving License: Requirements, Prices & More

Tandem skydiving is the world’s most popular adventure for a long list of excellent reasons, but perhaps you want more. Luckily, there’s a world of human flight ready to open up its arms to you. And you can start right here – above the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa – with us!

How long does it take to get your skydiving license?

Earning a solo skydiving license is the challenge of a lifetime, but it won’t take a lifetime to check off. With good weather, you could have that license in a week! Build your solo skydiving certification journey into a Western Cape holiday, and you’ll emerge not only with a solid tan and a smile on your face but also with a fancy new feather in your cap. (Fun bonus: While your friends are tandem skydiving, you’ll be sauntering around with your very own parachute…)

What kinds of solo skydiving training do you offer?

Accelerated Freefall (“AFF”)

The most fun, most efficient way to learn how to skydive is through the curriculum known as “accelerated freefall” (abbreviated “AFF”). AFF is the quickest, most modern route to becoming a safe, competent, independent solo skydiver. This method of skydiving certification meets all the requirements to certify you to jump without an instructor at most of the world’s skydiving dropzones, so your adventure is bound to grow along with you.

The AFF curriculum is composed of ten unique levels, each building on the skills of the previous. The first step is to attend a comprehensive ground school. From there, you’ll proceed to receive in-air instruction from highly-qualified skydiving instructors. For the first levels, you’ll jump with two instructors, teaming up to hold you stable in the air. With progressive levels and the introduction of new skills, you’ll start jumping with a single instructor – and, finally, solo.

Static Line Training (“S/L”)

If costs are a serious consideration, we also offer static line training (S/L) to help new jumpers earn their first license. Static line requires a bigger time commitment and places less emphasis on the skills of human bodyflight, but it’s a good fit for some of our students. If you’re interested in pursuing a static line progression, please contact us.

How much does it cost to get a skydiving license?

The price to learn how to skydive in South Africa is commensurate with programs all over the world. Each unique level has its own cost, which you can find on the pricing page.

Pricing for each jump – both AFF and Static Line – includes the following:
  • A comprehensive pre-jump briefing to prepare you for the skydive
  • The skydive itself, including all of its requirements (including equipment hire and instructors)
  • Parachute packing after the jump
  • A thorough debrief of your jump, with video

Is getting a skydiving license worth it?

We might be a little biased, but we don’t think there is any adventure in the world that’s as worth-it as learning how to skydive. Not sure? We encourage you to visit our gorgeous Garden Route dropzone, whet your appetite for the challenge ahead with a jaw-dropping tandem skydive, and meet the top-notch instructor staff waiting to take you under their considerable wings.

You can do this — you should do this — and we can’t wait to celebrate with you when you do! Make your reservation today.