How to Plan Your Day for Your First Tandem Skydive

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Skydiving from an aeroplane is one of the most amazing things you can do for fun, and Skydive Mossel Bay on South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route outside of Cape Town is among the most spectacular spots in the world for you to experience the thrill of terminal velocity. Skydiving has been a sport now for decades, and here at Skydive Mossel Bay, we have been introducing people to their first freefall experiences for over twenty years.
Here are a few easy things to remember to help make everything perfect for your first tandem skydive.

How to Plan For Your First Tandem Skydive

Jumping tandem with one of our instructors is a great way to skydive for the first time. With a quick briefing on some basic knowledge, you are ready to go. Here are a couple of things you can do in advance:

  • Get some sleep. If you have never jumped out of an aeroplane before you will likely be nervous. Don’t worry! Tandem skydiving has been refined over decades into a precise process and it is very safe. Think about it this way – the riskiest thing you will do on the day you go skydiving is travel to the dropzone, so there is no need to lie awake worrying about it.


  • Don’t forget a few essentials. Here at Skydive Mossel Bay we have everything you need to make your day with us comfortable and awesome. Bring a camera! Although you will not be able to take your phone or another camera with you for your jump (please ask us about our options for recording you jump), friends or family members will be keen to take pictures while you are getting ready, and certainly of your big happy smiles afterward. You can also bring snacks but we do have a cafe on-site!


  • Wear the right stuff. You don’t need to go to any special lengths with what you wear for your skydive but be sure to bring some shoes that you can lace up tight. When it is super hot on the ground you will be fine jumping shorts and a t-shirt, although on cooler days it can be a little chilly up top so you might want long sleeves and trousers. We have jumpsuits to give you to wear if it is necessary.
  • Allow enough time. Good dropzones like Skydive Mossel Bay are very efficient and jumping operations are planned down to the minute, however, sometimes things like weather can throw a bit of a spanner in the works. Meaning, we need to be flexible. You can help us keep things running smoothly by arriving in plenty of time. Expect to spend about half a day with us for the whole skydive experience – briefing, jump and debrief. Allowing for a bit of time here on the dropzone will also give you insight into the operation of a parachuting facility and the sport of skydiving. Don’t forget, we are very happy to answer any questions you have.


  • Bring your friends! If you come as a group then everything except the jump itself happens together – the briefing and gear-up process, the plane ride, and the hugs in the landing area. Skydiving by yourself is great, but skydiving with your friends is even better.


  • Hang out for a bit. Before and after you jump your head will be buzzing with questions. Skydivers love to talk about skydiving and will happily give you as much information as you wish about how to get involved in the sport. If you enjoyed your jump, why not sign up for a course? We have been teaching people to skydive for a very long time here at Skydive Mossel Bay. We love it when people join us for a tandem skydive and stay with us to become part of our skydiving family.

Learning To Skydive and Getting Your License

If you are joining us as a brand new skydiving student with a license in mind, do all the above things and add a couple more:
  • Do your homework. If you have communicated with us already we will likely have given you some documentation and pointed you in the right direction to get a bit of ground-level knowledge ahead of time. If we have not made friends with you yet then check out some of our informational content about AFF and Static Line Training and give us a call!


  • Get ready for awesome! Learning to skydive is an amazing adventure and will change your life. We hope you are ready.


There you go! We look forward to seeing you for your very first day of skydiving. If you’re ready to go, book your skydive today!

See you soon!