Top 8 Things To Do In Mossel Bay: Explore By Air, Land & Sea

Welcome to Mossel Bay – one of South Africa’s most beautiful towns. Located along the scenic Garden Route near Cape Town, Mossel Bay is known for its natural beauty, historical attractions, tourism, farming, and is home to the “Big Five” – the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo. Due to our diversity of things to do on the land, sea, and sky, Mossel Bay has earned the reputation for being the Adventure Capital of the World!

This title isn’t grandiose hyperbole; the activities found in Mossel Bay are unique to this part of the world and it all converges here along the stunning Garden Route. No town in the world – from Bangkok to Paris to Singapore – has what Mossel Bay offers!
As adventure enthusiasts, we have done just about everything the region has to offer and so we’ve created the ultimate list: The Best Things To Do in Mossel Bay!

Explore Mossel Bay By Land

For visitors, South Africa is synonymous with our amazing wildlife and the Mossel Bay area has it all! While there are many great outfitters in the region, the one we endorse is the Indalu Game Reserve. The people and professionalism at Indalu are second to none – everything is top-notch and the reviews from their guests confirm it!
“What an experience!!!!! You HAVE to experience this amazing place. Love for their ANIMALS like I’ve never seen before in my life. I’ve been on many wildlife drives or walks etc, but this place will leave u speechless. Gerhard’s passion for nature and his animals are unprecedented. I wish I could give 10 stars.”

Charlotte Oberholzer,
Google Review, September 2019

Aside from a great experience seeing the amazing African wildlife, Indalu offers activities such as mountain biking, game drives, and beautiful onsite accommodations that rival any hotel or resort in Mossel Bay.

Indalu is truly a special place worthy of a visit!
In Mossel Bay, you can surf in the sea or on the land! Welcome to the world of sandboarding! Featured on The Travel Channel and National Geographic, the folks at Dragon Dune offer the best sandboarding experience in South Africa.
Dragon Dune is 170 meters high and provides rides that are up to 350 meters long – besting any other sandboarding experience! Sandboarding provides big-time adrenaline as you can reach max speeds of 90km/h on a belly board!!!!

Explore Mossel Bay By Sea

In Mossel Bay, the beach is just the beginning! Despite having 60km of golden sand beaches, there is so much more to do if you choose to go beyond the surf. Below are our favorite water adventures and local tour operators we highly recommend.

If you have the need for speed, then Freaking Fast Waverider is the ultimate operator on water! This high-adrenaline, wave jumping speed machine can accommodate 12 people from the ages of 10 and up. While FFW has built a reputation on their Wave Rider boat, they have expanded by offering other services for those that like their adventures at a slower speed. Other adventures include:

  • Parasailing
  • Luxury Boat Trips and Sunset Cruises
  • Marine Ecotours
  • Big Tube Fat Boys Blob
  • Fat Boys Blob
Witnessing the power and grace of the Great White is something that you’ll never forget once you see it. This powerful but beautiful animal is awe-inspiring and we endorse White Shark Africa. White Shark Africa is one of the top operators in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape region for observing the Great White, either above or below the waterline. While White Shark cage diving is a thrilling experience, White Shark Africa doesn’t sensationalize it but instead uses the encounters to educate by sharing the plight of this species. Undeniably, the team at WSA is passionate about these animals and their conservation.
When it comes to diving, the folks at Electrodive Absolutely SCUBA are the authority in the region. The owners have been diving instructors in South Africa for over 35 years. They began in 3 Rivers, Gauteng near Johannesburg and have been operating in Mossel Bay for 19! Their knowledge and experience have led to thousands of happy guests who marvel at the multitude of game fish, whales, seals and blooms of soft corals found in Mossel Bay’s waters. Electrodive Absolutely SCUBA, renown for their experience, professionalism and customer service across their multitude of offerings which include:
Coming soon – an Aquatics area for the purchase of all things aquarium, tropical fish and accessories.
On Diaz Beach, you’ll find South Africa’s preeminent surf school – Surf’s Up. The instructors at Surf’s Up are known for their patience (much needed in this line of work), kindness and professionalism. If you’re a family visiting the area, Surf’s Up can take care of everyone – from Surf Camps for groups to individual surf lessons. The school has all the kit you’ll need to ensure you get off on the right foot (not your goofy foot)! Also, Surf’s up specializes in teaching kids to learn the art of hanging ten.
You absolutely can’t go wrong with this outfit near Cape Town in Mossel Bay!

Explore Mossel Bay By Sky

Just flying in a helicopter is a bucket list activity, but doing it over one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines takes this experience to another level! Seeing the splendor of Mossel Bay and its animal life that enjoy the Western Cape region is unlike any other helicopter tour in the world. See white sharks, whales, the coast and wild game from one of Mossel Bay Helicopter’s fleet. Tours include:
  • Multiple Scenic Tours of Mossel Bay Point, Pinnacle Point Casino, Hartenbos, Klein Brak and Diaz Beach
  • Whale and Great White Shark Viewing
  • Game viewing
  • Canyon breakfast/picnic for special occasions
In addition to scenic flights, Mossel Bay Helicopters also offers quad bike game tours, game drives and Lion Safari Walk/encounters at Bergsig Game Farm 5km from Hartenbos
Mossel Bay Helicopters are serious about safety, are highly experienced and have tours to meet a wide variety of budgets.

Naturally, we’re biased, but we think we deserve to be on this list because skydiving at Skydive Mossel Bay is not your ordinary skydiving experience (not that skydiving would ever be ordinary). What we offer is not only unique to the region around Cape Town, South Africa but to the world. Few skydiving centers can boast the views and aircraft we offer. Skydive Mossel Bay is often referred as to having one of the best skydiving views on the planet. Combine the view with the spaciousness and speed of our Beechcraft King Air, and you have a true once in a lifetime experience!

See what makes Skydive Mossel Bay the best skydiving experience in South Africa.

See how our prices compare to other dropzones in South Africa and book a skydive today!

Mossel Bay has something amazing for every traveler, explorer, and fun-seeker visiting the Cape Town region. Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Let’s get started!