What To Wear For First Time Skydiving

Standing in front of your closet with a blank expression? Don’t worry, dear reader. We’ve all been there! Know this: There is a best way to dress for a first-time tandem skydiving experience – it’ll make sure you’re comfortable, protected and free to move. Here’s how to choose wisely!

1. Choosing the right shoes for skydiving

Choosing the right shoes for skydiving couldn’t be more important. The best shoes for skydiving are at once comfortable, supportive and sporty enough that you could burst into a brief run if the mood struck. Lace-up athletic shoes that tighten up nice and snug are the best shoes for the job because freefall loves to pull loose shoes from unwary feet. Definitely do not wear shoes with any kind of heel – or, for that matter, any footwear that uses hooks to hold the laces.

2. Don thin layers for your skydive

Guess what? It’s chilly up at altitude – significantly colder than it is on the ground, that is. You might be surprised to know that you shouldn’t solve it like a snow day. The best way forward is not a big, puffy winter coat. The solution is much sleeker (and potentially a lot more stylish): thin layers! 

The best skydiving clothing is a medley: a selection of several thin layers. If you go this route, you’ll feel the magic of the amount of warm air thin layers trap between them. And don’t shy away from covering up; long pants and sleeves will keep your skin protected from both the cold air and the strong sun up at altitude, no matter what season it happens to be.

3. Keep it simple, sweetie

Details and decorations might look great on the ground, but they can be wickedly uncomfortable in freefall. When you’re choosing skydiving clothing, pick out items without fancy details that would flap around if you stood in front of a strong fan; because those bits have a tendency to flail around painfully (and/or tie themselves into impossible knots) in freefall. If you’re concerned, we will happily lend you one of our pro-looking skydiving jumpsuits to keep you covered.

Jewelry is also a big ol’ no-no – but glasses fit nicely under our goggles, so you don’t need to worry about those. (We want you to be able to see the splendor of the Garden Route from altitude, y’know!)

4. Bring an aprés-jump look

If your plans for after your skydive include celebrating at an establishment that you wouldn’t happily visit right after the gym, it’d be a good choice to bring a change of clothes. Ringing in your freshly freefallen existence with a hot date? We have you covered there, too: there’s a shower in the hangar you can use if you want to get seriously fresh.

Feel better prepared to book your first tandem skydive? You’re welcome! We know that this isn’t rocket science, but it’s not, like, totally obvious, either. If you take those simple suggestions, you’ll have a comfy jump no matter what the weather — and you’ll be accessorizing your outfit with the brightest smile you’ve ever worn!

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